SEO Tools & Resources

(Updated November 2012)

An exhaustive list of tools & resources for Search Engine Optimization.

Online SEO Tools
Bad Neighborhood Text Link Checker – This tool will scan the links on your website, and on the pages that your website is linking to, and flag possible problem areas. This can greatly ease your SEO efforts.

Digitalpoint Keyword Ranking Monitor – Track unlimited keywords.

Free Site Map Generator – This tool creates a sitemap as defined by Google™ for your site – spiders your entire site (up to 5,000 pages) to make sure all links/pages are included in the sitemap.

Meta Tag Generator  – Create meta tags for Title, Description, Keywords, Author and Copyright.

Page Analyzer by – Page analyzer keyword placement, keyword density, prominence , link popularity, google positions and much more.

Robots.txt Generator – Robots.txt generator designed by an SEO for public use – includes tutorial.

Robots.txt Syntax Checker – This robots.txt syntax checker checks the contents of a site’s robots.txt against that contained in the latest specification, along with providing warnings on the use of new features that are not yet widely deployed.

Search Engine Optimization Tools – HTTP header viewer, keyword density analyzer and keyword suggestion tools.

SEOBook SEO Tools – Free link analysis and keyword research tools.

Site Solutions – Website analysis tool.

Submit Express – This tool is a meta mags analyzer, SEO analyzer, website load time checker, keyword density checker and more.

The Reaction Engine  SEO Analysis  –  This is an instant, free and no-registration tool to analyse the SEO performance of a URI for a given keyphrase. Reports include a variety of useful information and structured recommendations to improve overall effectiveness.

WebConfs – Compendium of SEO tools including spider simulator, backlink builder, keyword density checker, redirect check and more.

Website Promotion Tools – Test the optimization level of your pages with this mini version of our popular SEO Doc. The mini SEO Tester will check your server response, title tag, meta description tag and keywords. Gives you a score and summary of the optimization level of your page.


Free Traffic Monitoring Tools
5 Second Test – Fivesecondtest helps you fine tune your landing pages and calls to action by analyzing the most prominent elements of your design.

eXtremeTracking – One of the best voted traffic trackers. Free and Premium version available.

FreeStatsFree Stats will track your detailed web site statistics (hits, pageviews, and more) around the clock and you can check them at any time using a web browser from anywhere in the world.

Google Analytics – The most widely used traffic tracking tool. Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Piwik – Piwik is a free downloadable open source web analytics software. Piwik provides you with detailed reports on your website visitors; the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages, and much more.

StatCounter –  A free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real time detailed web stats.

Yahoo Analytics – Yahoo! Web Analytics is a highly customizable, enterprise-level website analytics system – View visit information, See individual click paths, time spent, actions taken and more. Track up to 50 different online actions; any link or page load can be tracked as a key part of your conversion funnel.


Free Link Building and Analysis Tools
Backlink Checker – Free backlink checker Backlink analysis and link discovery.

Bulk Backlink Checker – Majestic SEO’s Backlink History tool allows SEOs to determine the number of backlinks detected by our sophisticated web robots for given domains, subdomains or URLs. Requires registration but free service is available.

Google Webmaster Tools – Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google.

Link Search Tool  –  SEO Tools and SEO Reports for the Do It Yourself business owner SoloSEO is an affordable SEO solution to walk you through the process and provide you with the tools, reports, and resources you need to optimize your site, create optimized and unique content, and capitalize on link strategies.

SEOBook’s Link Tools  –  Analyze your link profile compared to competing websites, and find pages which would be great sources to get links from.


Desktop SEO Tools
Free Monitor For Google  –  Free Monitor for Google is a free search engine position software designed for SEO specialists and webmasters. With it, you can find a position of your web site in Google Top for popular keywords and get more traffic from Google by focusing you SEO efforts.

GSite Crawler  –  The GSiteCrawler will help you generate the best Google Sitemap file for your website. The software uses different ways to find all the pages in your website and can generate all sorts of files, statistics and more.

Screaming Frog – Fetches key onsite page elements for SEO, presents them in tabs by type and allows you to filter for common SEO issues, or slice and dice the data how you see fit by exporting into Excel. You can view, analyse and filter the crawl data as it’s gathered and updated continuously in the program’s user interface.

SEO SpyGlass – An extremely powerful competition research tool designed to let you see EXACTLY how your competitors got to the top in Google, Bing or Yahoo! search engines.

SERPs Position –  Check your SERP rankings for selected keywords across multiple search engines.


Search Engines Guidelines for Webmasters
Google Webmaster Guidelines  –  Best practices to help Google find, crawl, and index your site.

Google’s Reinclusion/Reconsideration – If your site isn’t appearing in Google search results, or it’s performing more poorly than it once did (and you believe that it does not violate our Webmaster Guidelines), you can ask Google to reconsider your site.

Open Directory Editorial Guidelines – List of guidelines that directly relate to adding specific types of sites. These guidelines will help ensure that material added to the ODP meets the directory’s goals.

Remove a page or site from Google’s search results – If you urgently need to remove content from Google’s search results (for example, if you’ve already removed, updated, or blocked a page accidentally displaying confidential information like credit card numbers), you can request expedited removal of those URLs.

Yahoo! Search Site Guidelines  –  This article outlines the quality guidelines for website inclusion in Yahoo! Search.


Search Engines Information for Webmasters
Google Bot Information for Webmasters – Googlebot is Google’s web crawling bot (sometimes also called a “spider”). Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.


SEO Tutorials and Guides
Defining Search Engine Relevancy – This article is a fairly comprehensive review of search engine relevancy algorithms, published by Aaron Wall on June 13, 2006. There have been some significant changes since then but the basics remain the same.

Free SEO Blueprint – Complete SEO blueprint for internet marketing.

Google SEO Starter Guide – This Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide covers around a dozen common areas that webmasters might consider optimizing.

Self SEO – The idea of this website is to combine various SEO tools, internet tools and webmaster tools in one place and help webmasters to build a successful website.

SEO in practice – Free Step-by-Step Guide for Google Climbers – Excellent.

SEOMoz | Beginner’s Guide To SEO  – New to SEO The Free Beginner s Guide to SEO has been read over 1 million times and provides the information you need to rank better.

SEO Tackle Box – 100% free SEO guide that will show you step by step the tricks and tactics used by top internet marketers to generate internet traffic and rank at the top of the search engines.

Top 10 SEO Tips – One free SEO eBook to conquer them all SEO in a Day by SEO Expert Steve Wiideman contains the search engine optimization best practices used by many popular Internet marketing experts.

Website Promotion Resources  –  Free web site promotion tutorials and articles to help you improve your search engine positioning.


SEO Tips
Bruce Clay SEO Technical Tips – This page contains technical how to information, search engine ranking and SEO tips on how to adjust for server and design issues Europe.

High Rankings – Ten Tips to the Top of the Search Engines.

SEO Toolkit  –  21 part guide to getting a top-10 listing on Google and Yahoo.

WordPress SEO  –  The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites (updated October 2012).


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