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(Updated November 2012)

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Mike’s Marketing Tools Adwords/PPC Tips – 160+ hand-picked tips from around the Web, that offer the latest AdWords/PPC strategies, tactics, and techniques, to help you make more money with your campaigns.

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PPC Keyword Tools
5 MinuteSite – Create local advertising PPC keyword lists from a zip code, area radius and keyword list Build Google AdWord™ campaigns with a permutator and match logic wrapper.

Ad Comparator Taguchi-Based Ad Optimizer – this software allows you to simultaneously test up to 15 different aspects of any advertisment, website, or email campaign. This is known as multi-variable (or multivariate) testing.

Clixmarketing – World’s biggest negative PPC keyword list.

Combine Keywords 1 – This script will combine words lists to show you all possible combinations for use in PPC Ad Campaigns, selecting domain names, etc.

Combine Words 2 – The keyword combination tool combines two lists of words for use in a PPC campaign such as Google Adwords or MSN AdCenter.

Google Adwords Ad Preview and Diagnosis (Country View) – With the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool, you can search for your ad just like you would on a regular Google search results page, without accruing any impressions.

Keyword Extend – This tool give you the following options – no quotes, quotes, brackets, reverse words, skip spaces, remove all spaces, A-Z order, remove duplicates or adding a suffix to each word.

Keywords Template tool – Build your Google Adwords campaigns with this tool.

Mike’s Marketing Tools Adwords Wrapper – AdWords Wrapper is the original, free, online, time-saving keyword tool that wraps keywords in “quotation marks” (phrase match) and [square brackets] (exact match) for use in Google AdWords campaigns. It now includes +Modified +Broad match, -“Negative Phrase” match, and -[Negative Exact] match. Keyword Combinations – The Keyword Combinations tool is made to help you expand and manage your keyword lists, to use in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. For example on Google Adwords or Yahoo. The tool works by combining your existing keywords in as many ways as possible. This will allow you to make all your bids on the exact matches only, which in turn could help increase your CTR (Click Through Ratio).

SEO Boo Keyword Stripper – Use this tool to remove bad keywords from your keyword lists.

Seochat Keyword Optimizer – This tool is designed for anyone who works with large lists of keywords/key terms (e.g. SEOs, pay-per-click subscribers, etc). Paste in your list of key terms and this tool will remove any duplicate entries. It will also re-order the list alphabetically, saving you the time it would take to edit your list manually.

Servermind Keyword Cleanup -Remove duplicate keywords and duplicate keyphrases from your keywords list and sort your keyphrases with this free Keyword List Cleaner tool. You can also use this form to clean your keyword lists, URL lists, email lists and other text lists.


Tracking Tools
PayPerClickSearchEngines Deals – PPC vouchers and bonus deals. In this section you will find all the PPC Search Engines that offer bonus traffic. For example, $25 free on sign-up.

PayPerClickSearchEngines Directory – Includes “Top 10” PPC Search Engines with reviews, over 200 PPC companies listed.

Prosper202 Self-Hosted Apps – Prosper202 provides pay per click affiliate marketers with free leading edge self hosted PPC software.

Tracking202 Hosted Apps – T202 is primarily a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing Analytics company and offers advanced features such as keyword cloaking, keyword tracking, spy view and much more.


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