Pay-Per-Call Ad Networks

(Updated October 2012)

As Seen Everywhere – Operates on RingRevenue pay per call platform.

Atrinsic – Operates on RingRevenue pay per call platform.

Cake Marketing – A hosted software solution that provides real time analytics and tracking for online marketing campaigns.

Commission Junction – CJ’s PayPerCall programs enable publishers and advertisers to develop and track offers beyond the online environment. Unique toll-free numbers allow tracking of leads and sales that tie back to a consumer’s online and off-line behaviors.

DigitalMojo – DigitalMojo is a performance marketing company We work online generating leads and maintaining websites that ensure a seamless sales process for our partners’ customers.

DoublePositive – Platform that brings lead sellers and lead buyers together.

Epic – Operates on RingRevenue pay per call platform.

HasOffers – Affiliate tracking software.

LeadClick – The RingRevenue pay per call platform enables advertisers to create call based campaigns and publishers to earn commissions for generating calls.

LinkTrust – Tracking system.

MediaTrust – Enables advertisers and publishers to track calls just as they track clicks, giving advertisers the ability to create online campaigns that connect customers by phone, while giving publishers the ability to promote a greater variety of offers and channels. Pay-Per-Call uses unique toll-free numbers that track against advertiser and publisher results to guarantee proper compensation for all generated lead.

MobileLeads – Marketplace for advertisers and affiliates looking to generate high quality leads via mobile devices.

Rakuten Linkshare – The platform covers offline as well as online lead generation and ensures that high-quality leads generated online, yet purchased over the phone, are tracked from start to finish.

OfferMobi – Operates on RingRevenue pay per call platform.

PepperJam – Operates on RingRevenue pay per call platform.

Ring2Media – Operates on RingRevenue pay per call platform.

RingRevenue For Google Affiliate Network – Most smartphones allow you to select and call a phone number from within the browser. Under the new scheme, if a mobile ad contains a phone number which you select and call from your phone Google will charge the advertiser.

ROIRocket – Operates on RingRevenue pay per call platform.

ShareASale – Pay Per Call offers a great new opportunity for Merchants and Affiliates. Consumers who previously were more difficult to reach in a purely online environment become a new audience for Affiliates to target. The system is simple to setup, easy to use.

XY7track – Pay per call network