Marketing Research Tools

(Updated November 2012)

As marketers, it is highly important for us to stay on top of what is “new”, “updated”, and “fresh”. This is how we are able to drive highly sought after traffic to our sites and increase new visitors daily.

Google Alerts – The most frequently used way to find this “fresh” content and top stories is to use Google Alerts. However, these queries by Google can sometime be too “broad” or too “narrow” depending on what it is searching for.

Here are some tools that are alternatives to Google Alerts:

Curata – Similar to Netvibes and worth checking out.

Diigo – Another creative bookmarking tool that might be of interest to check out.

Instapaper – Another must have tool for those who are constantly doing research is Instapaper. Time is valuable to all of us and many times while surfing the web we come across articles or tools that appear interesting or of value, however, we don’t have the time at that moment to read the article or look further into the tool. Instapaper allows you to save these links and access them later when you have more time. These links are arranged in a newspaper style for viewing.

Lynkly – connects everyone together through social networks to find the top stories being discussed and also has the ability to predict which stories will be popular by monitoring social network discussions on topics before becoming viral/mainstream. Only downside is that the results can vary in randomness.

Netvibes – For those of you who are curating content, a valuable tool to use is Netvibes. This system allows you to pull all your curated content into your own personal dashboard and organizes this content. It acts as your own PA for content curation. It allows the user to collect content intelligently.

SEMRush Competitor Research Tool – A tool to find competitor organic search rankings, traffic and Ads keywords for any site or domain.

Summify – A great alternative to Google Alerts in that it allows you to discover relevant content in a more streamlined approach.

YourVersion – Very similar to Summify.

Hope this helps you to become more efficient and organized in your marketing research endeavors.


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Michael Ullman is the president of Analogy Marketing, author of the "$100k Blueprint" courses, and internet industry veteran who writes frequently on technical & marketing topics in the industry.